MOT suspension to end

Welcome back one and all, especially to our friends in Scotland.....
Well it's been a while, but at last we're all back and trading. We ourselves saw the instant uplift in business yesterday as after 14 weeks with their doors closed our friends in Scotland re-opened and proceeded to book a large number of long distance car movements as soon as they were back at their desks. It's been a long time coming, but welcome back to everyone who's now back at work.

MOTs are coming back from 1st August. The IGA welcomes this decision
The government has now confirmed the MOT test will be reinstated for all cars, vans and motorcycles from August 1st. The six month extension was originally put into place on 30th March and drivers are being encouraged to book their tests in advance in order to help the many garages whose workload is going to be heavy through the coming weeks and months, especially as they are going to need to conduct tests with Covid-19 social distancing measures in place. The Independent Garage Association welcomed the reinstatement of the test but warns there are many unroadworthy cars on the roads today as a result of the  temporary extension. Garages and workshops are urged to be vigilant and to take care for customers who have, perhaps, let their vehicles deteriorate more than would normally be the case. Visit the IGA's website here for more information on their services.

A sales bubble? Is this the new normal? And what changed.....
For sure Scotland opened, there's a huge pent up demand for cars to be PDI'd and delivered and many customers are buying cars in order to avoid public transport, but there are many tectonic shifts in the market too. Many hire fleets are being disposed of; a number of auction houses are struggling with moving cars through their pipelines due to the difficulties associated with social distancing and appointment systems; the car delivery marketplaces are full to the brim with cars needing to be collected and delivered; and many 'Driven Service' vehicle delivery drivers have opted not to return to work due due to age and health concerns. On the one hand it's completely understandable, on the other we'll miss the many friends who have decided to hang up their high vis. Our very best wishes to all of you.

Car accidents significantly increase post lockdown
Crashes and insurance claims have increased by more than a third according to figures released by Co-op Insurance. The company stated they saw a 35% spike in claims between may 9th and June 10th compared with the previous four and a half week period. Whilst more people have obviously now returned to the roads and there's simply more traffic, a spokesman for the Co-op suggested the increase could be due to people simply being out of the habit of driving regularly. 

Congestion and ULEZ charges return. The Congestion Charge increases
Central London's Congestion Charge  of £11.50 per day for standard vehicles and its ULEZ charge £12.50 were suspended at the beginning of the lockdown as part of a drive to reduce crowding on the city’s much reduced public transport, however the Congestion Charge was reactivated on 18th May and the daily charge increased 30% to £15 on 22nd June. The ULEZ has also been reinstated, though charges are unchanged at £12.50 per day.

Our new website is now live! Complete with its new mileage calculator
Check out our new website complete with its A to B mileage calculator. Simply type in the postcode or address of the collection ande delivery points and the map will display the shortest route and calculate the mileage for you. Here's a picture showing it in action, with John's choice of route from the office to one of his favourite haunts, Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant in Padstow. And no, it isn't open just yet..... Many thanks to the team at Minty Creative for doing such a wonderful job with the new site. Click here to try it out!

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